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An Archaeological Watching Brief at Glatton Hall, Glatton, Cambridgeshire

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Whittaker, Paula 


Between the 2nd and 3rd July 1998 an archaeological watching brief was undertaken by Cambridge Archaeological Unit on land within the estate of Glatton Hall, Glatton in Cambridgeshire (TL 154 862). This work was commissioned by Sally B. Schreiber in advance of the construction of one detached house and garage. The excavation was conducted in accordance with the design brief prepared by the Cambridgeshire County Council Archaeology Section. The earliest phase of activity is indicated by the presence of the sherd of St. Neots pot within a buried soil layer. Though it was not found within a feature providing definite evidence of settlement activity in this area, its presence supports the documentary evidence of the Domesday book and provides a possible earlier date to the origins of the village. Later Medieval postholes and an associated layer can be dated to the 15th century. They provide evidence that there was some form of structure in this area predating the known dates of the origins of Glatton Hall. They may well be associated with an earlier Hall or else an unrelated building, possibly mirroring growth in settlement activity within Glatton when the church was rebuilt in the 15th century. It would appear that the Glatton Hall estate is well established by the early 17th century and the archaeological evidence of a thick layer of undisturbed topsoil and earlier garden soil supports the cartographic record of the area being in fairly continuous use as a garden area for over 350 years.



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