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Mechanical bone growth stimulation by magnetic fibre networks obtained through a competent finite element technique.

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Fibre networks combined with a matrix material in their void phase make the design of novel and smart composite materials possible. Their application is of great interest in the field of advanced paper or as bioactive tissue engineering scaffolds. In the present study, we analyse the mechanical interaction between metallic fibre networks under magnetic actuation and a matrix material. Experimentally validated FE models are combined for that purpose in one joint simulation. High performance computing facilities are used. The resulting strain in the composite's matrix is not uniform across the sample volume. Instead we show that boundary conditions and proximity to the fibre structure strongly influence the local strain magnitude. An analytical model of local strain magnitude is derived. The strain magnitude of 0.001 which is of particular interest for bone growth stimulation is achievable by this assembly. In light of these findings, the investigated composite structure is suitable for creating and for regulating contactless a stress field which is to be imposed on the matrix material. Topics for future research will be the advanced modelling of the biological components and the potential medical utilisation.



Algorithms, Finite Element Analysis, Humans, Mechanical Phenomena, Models, Theoretical, Osteogenesis, Stress, Mechanical

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