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Lower carbohydrate diets for adults with type 2 diabetes.

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Singh, Mamta 
Hung, Estella S 
Cullum, Adrienne 
Allen, Rachel E 
Aggett, Peter J 


In May 2021, the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) published a risk assessment on lower carbohydrate diets for adults with type 2 diabetes (T2D)(1). The purpose of the report was to review the evidence on 'low'-carbohydrate diets compared with the current UK government advice on carbohydrate intake for adults with T2D. However, since there is no agreed and widely utilised definition of a 'low'-carbohydrate diet, comparisons in the report were between lower and higher carbohydrate diets. SACN's remit is to assess the risks and benefits of nutrients, dietary patterns, food or food components for health by evaluating scientific evidence and to make dietary recommendations for the UK based on its assessment(2). SACN has a public health focus and only considers evidence in healthy populations unless specifically requested to do otherwise. Since the Committee does not usually make recommendations relating to clinical conditions, a joint working group (WG) was established in 2017 to consider this issue. The WG comprised members of SACN and members nominated by Diabetes UK, the British Dietetic Association, Royal College of Physicians and Royal College of General Practitioners. Representatives from NHS England and NHS Health Improvement, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence and devolved health departments were also invited to observe the WG. The WG was jointly chaired by SACN and Diabetes UK.



Adults, Lower carbohydrate diets, Randomised controlled trials, Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition, Type 2 diabetes

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The British Journal of Nutrition: an international journal of nutritional science

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Cambridge University Press
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