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European Bulletin of Himalayan Research (EBHR) Number 20 - 21, 2001 Double issue



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South Asia Institute, Heidelberg University, Germany 
(CNRS) Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France 
(SOAS) School of Oriental and African Studies, UK 


Life-Journeys: Rai Ritual Healers' Narratives on their Callings by Martin Gaenzle; The Construction of Personhood: Two Life Stories from Garhwal by Antje Linkenbach; Protecting the Treasures of the Earth: Nominating Dolpo as a World Heritage Site by Terence Hay-Edie; On the Relationship between Folk and Classical Traditions in South Asia by Claus Peter Zoller; Sliding Downhill: Some Reflections on Thirty Years of Change in a Himalayan Village by Alan Macfarlane with Respones from Ben Campbell, Kul B. Luintel, Ernestine McHugh and David Seddon; Observations During the State-of-Emergency: Nepal December 2001 by Judith Pettigrew; Japanese Studies on Nepal and the Himalayas (Social Studies and Humanities: 1900-2000) by Hiroshi Ishii; Translating a Life: B.P. Koirala's Atmabrittanta


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