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The Archaeology of West Wratting, Cambridgeshire : Investigations of the Earthworks at Hall Dairy and Hall Farm. An interim statement.

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Boast, Robin 


A programme of works was carried out from the 29th of July through the 2nd of August, 1991, commissioned by West Wratting Park Estate, to assess the extent, date and preservation of the upstanding earthworks east of Hall Farm, Weston Colville, and north-west of Hall Dairy, West Wratting, Cambridgeshire (Figure 1). This assessment was conducted as a preliminary phase of a complete assessment of the 110 hectares proposed for development as a golf course between West Wratting, Weston Colville and Weston Green, Cambridgeshire. The goal of this phase of the assessment was to survey and evaluate the upstanding earthworks, identify associated, or unassociated, sub-surface features and to provide a full survey of these sites as a part of the planning application. This preliminary phase of works was chosen for two reasons, (1) the earthworks can be considered the most significant known archaeological features within the proposed development area, and (2) the earthworks, being within pasture, are the only areas that could be evaluated at this time before the harvest. This body of works does not, and is not intended to, form a full archaeological assessment of the proposed development area. Further works will be required at some point before development commences (see Boast 1991). It must also be emphasised that this is an interim statement and does not constitute the final archive report. This interim statement has been written immediately after the field assessment and before any detailed analysis, and the descriptions and discussion must be seen as tentative



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