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An Approach to Evaluate Alternative Process and Supply Chain Opportunities Enabled by Sustainable Chemical Feedstocks

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Srai, Jagjit Singh 


This paper outlines a mixed-methods approach to evaluate reconfiguration opportunities for pharmaceutical supply chains (PSCs) arising from a terpene-based renewable chemical feedstock platform technology delivering intermediate products. The proposed approach provides guidance on how to navigate alternative PSC configuration options based on insights into the economic, environmental and social repercussions of each option obtained from both qualitative and quantitative data analyses. A simplified case on manufacturing ‘green’ paracetamol underpinned by real experimental and industry data is used in order to illustrate the pertinence of mixed-methods approaches for integrally mapping alternative PSCs’ configuration options



Pharmaceutical Supply Chains, Sustainable Chemical Feedstocks

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Proceedings of the International Conference on Green Supply Chain (GSC2-16)

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International Conference on Green Supply Chain (GSC2-16)

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Loughborough University
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/K014889/1)
Birmingham City Council (35708-233529)
This research has received funding from the EPSRC under Grant Reference No. EP/K014889/1, Panel Name: “EPSRC Sustainable Chemical Feedstocks”, Project Full Title: “Terpene-based Manufacturing for Sustainable Chemical Feedstocks”, Project Duration: 2013–2018.