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Digital Twin Enabled Construction Process Monitoring

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Mathew, Alwyn 
Pluta, Kacper 
Djahel, Rahima 
Brilakis, Ioannis 


Digital Twin technology has revolutionised overseeing newly built structures. This study suggests employing digi- tal twin-based automatic progress monitoring on construc- tion sites, comparing 3D point clouds with their Building Information Modelling to track progress and predict com- pletion. It highlights integrating semi-continuous moni- toring with a building’s digital twin for efficient construc- tion management. Leveraging precise data enhances un- derstanding and identifies schedule deviations, enabling timely actions. Demonstrated through real-world con- struction data, visualised Gantt charts showcase its effi- cacy, offering insights into task status, schedule devia- tions, and projected completion dates. This underscores digital twin technology’s potential to transform construc- tion oversight.



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2024 European Conference on Computing in Construction

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