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Nesting ecology and confirmed breeding of the invasive pond slider Trachemys scripta in an urban environment, Romania

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jats:titleAbstract</jats:title>jats:pThe pond slider (jats:italicTrachemys scripta</jats:italic>) is a major invasive species in freshwater habitats across the world. For decades, the main cause of individuals’ occurrences in the wild was the illegal release of pet animals. Recently, as an important component of their management, there has been an increasing focus on their ability to successfully reproduce in the invaded regions. In Romania, the species is reported as widespread in urban wetland environments within major cities, but information about its nesting and potential breeding remains scarce or anecdotal. We surveyed a large population of pond sliders in an artificial urban wetland site in Constanţa, SE Romania, and described their nesting ecology and reproductive output. Although eggs from several nests failed to hatch or were predated, potentially limiting their reproductive success, sliders were found to breed successfully at this site, with 18.6% viable hatchlings recorded. Our study could serve as a baseline for additional targeted surveys and to inform decision-making for successfully managing this invasive species. Although the importation, trading, and breeding of this species are prohibited by EU legislation, active and effective management is now required to address the successful reproduction and further potential spread of jats:italicT. scripta</jats:italic>.</jats:p>


Funder: Association Chelonia


Reproductive success, Nest predation, Terrapins, Nest failure, Alien freshwater turtle reproduction

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European Journal of Wildlife Research

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