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The Early Novels of Konstantin Fedin

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Armes, Keith 


An attempt has been made in this study to examine in depth the early novels of Konstantin Fedin. The novels discussed are Goroda i gody, Brat'ja, Poxiscenie Evropy, and Sanatorij Arktur, so that the period covered is from 1924 to 1940. Attention was paid primarily to Fedin's artistic method in an endeavour to establish the narrative techniques and literary devices characteristic of the author's work. The problem of characterization is also discussed in detail and the personalities of the principal figures are analyzed in the case of each novel. The question of chronology in Fedin's work has attracted considerable interest, and an analysis of the construction of the novels is provided with a view to establishing the time relationships within each novel. in addition, this study attempts to determine the actual period presented in each case, and it is claimed that new conclusions have been reached in this respect.






Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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University of Cambridge