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Advancing Engineered Plant Living Materials through Tobacco BY-2 Cell Growth and Transfection within Tailored Granular Hydrogel Scaffolds.

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Wang, Yujie 
Di, Zhengao 
Qin, Minglang 
Qu, Shenming 
Zhong, Wenbo 


In this study, an innovative approach is presented in the field of engineered plant living materials (EPLMs), leveraging a sophisticated interplay between synthetic biology and engineering. We detail a 3D bioprinting technique for the precise spatial patterning and genetic transformation of the tobacco BY-2 cell line within custom-engineered granular hydrogel scaffolds. Our methodology involves the integration of biocompatible hydrogel microparticles (HMPs) primed for 3D bioprinting with Agrobacterium tumefaciens capable of plant cell transfection, serving as the backbone for the simultaneous growth and transformation of tobacco BY-2 cells. This system facilitates the concurrent growth and genetic modification of tobacco BY-2 cells within our specially designed scaffolds. These scaffolds enable the cells to develop into predefined patterns while remaining conducive to the uptake of exogenous DNA. We showcase the versatility of this technology by fabricating EPLMs with unique structural and functional properties, exemplified by EPLMs exhibiting distinct pigmentation patterns. These patterns are achieved through the integration of the betalain biosynthetic pathway into tobacco BY-2 cells. Overall, our study represents a groundbreaking shift in the convergence of materials science and plant synthetic biology, offering promising avenues for the evolution of sustainable, adaptive, and responsive living material systems.



34 Chemical Sciences, Bioengineering, Biotechnology, Tobacco, 3 Good Health and Well Being

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ACS Cent Sci

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American Chemical Society (ACS)