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HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee (HGNC) recommendations for the designation of gene fusions.

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Antonescu, Cristina R 
Chinnaiyan, Arul 
Cree, Ian A 


Gene fusions have been discussed in the scientific literature since they were first detected in cancer cells in the early 1980s. There is currently no standardized way to denote the genes involved in fusions, but in the majority of publications the gene symbols in question are listed either separated by a hyphen (-) or by a forward slash (/). Both types of designation suffer from important shortcomings. HGNC has worked with the scientific community to determine a new, instantly recognizable and unique separator-a double colon (::)-to be used in the description of fusion genes, and advocates its usage in all databases and articles describing gene fusions.



Consensus, Databases, Genetic, Genomics, Guidelines as Topic, Humans, Leukemia, Oncogene Proteins, Fusion, Terminology as Topic

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