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Early detection of COPD patients' symptoms with personal environmental sensors: a remote sensing framework using probabilistic latent component analysis with linear dynamic systems.

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Chatzidiakou, Lia 
Jones, Roderic 
Quint, Jennifer K 
Kelly, Frank 


In this study, we present a cohort study involving 106 COPD patients using portable environmental sensor nodes with attached air pollution sensors and activity-related sensors, as well as daily symptom records and peak flow measurements to monitor patients' activity and personal exposure to air pollution. This is the first study which attempts to predict COPD symptoms based on personal air pollution exposure. We developed a system that can detect COPD patients' symptoms one day in advance of symptoms appearing. We proposed using the Probabilistic Latent Component Analysis (PLCA) model based on 3-dimensional and 4-dimensional spectral dictionary tensors for personalised and population monitoring, respectively. The model is combined with Linear Dynamic Systems (LDS) to track the patients' symptoms. We compared the performance of PLCA and PLCA-LDS models against Random Forest models in the identification of COPD patients' symptoms, since tree-based classifiers were used for remote monitoring of COPD patients in the literature. We found that there was a significant difference between the classifiers, symptoms and the personalised versus population factors. Our results show that the proposed PLCA-LDS-3D model outperformed the PLCA and the RF models between 4 and 20% on average. When we used only air pollutants as input, the PLCA-LDS-3D forecasting results in personalised and population models were 48.67 and 36.33% accuracy for worsening of lung capacity and 38.67 and 19% accuracy for exacerbation of COPD patients' symptoms, respectively. We have shown that indicators of the quality of an individual's environment, specifically air pollutants, are as good predictors of the worsening of respiratory symptoms in COPD patients as a direct measurement.



Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Internet of things (IoT) in Healthcare, Personal air pollution exposure, Probabilistic latent models, Remote monitoring systems

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Neural Comput Appl

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