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Application of CSRR Metamaterial in Antenna

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The paper talks about a compact patch antenna design at 3 GHz. A novel complementary square ring resonator as DNG metamaterial has been modeled and designed for its resonance at 3 GHz. The designed metamaterial provides negative real permeability and permittivity over a wide frequency band, making it suitable for its applications in patch size reduction. The effect of loading the metamaterial shows a patch dimensional space reduction (from 26.1 mm x 26.1 mm to 17.6 mm x 17.6 mm) of about 54.53 % while providing the similar gain and efficiency. The patch antenna without loading the metamaterial and loaded with the metamaterial provides a similar radiation efficiency and angular width however there is some difference in gain and the bandwidth of its operation. The proposed antenna is perfectly suited for its integration into flexible and wearable electronics design.



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IEEE - International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Computers, Communication, Mechanical and Computing (EECCMC)

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