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Research data supporting "High-Rate Intercalation without Nanostructuring in Metastable Nb2O5 Bronze Phases"

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Forse, AC 
Griffin, JM 
Grey, CP 


Bond valence sum data calculated in BVSMapper by Max Avdeev at ANSTO, Australia; details in article. MAS NMR data on 6Li and 7Li in a static magnetic field of 4.7 T or 16.4 T, at room temperature and VT up to 425 K, EXSY spectra with mixing times as denoted in the title of and within each file, pseudo2D T1 saturation recovery files. All collection parameters in the article and data file. Electrochemical cycling data of T-Nb2O5 collected in coin cells without additives in 1 M LiPF6 in EC/DMC (1:1, v/v); details in article. Raw TGA data as plotted in SI of article. Raw XRD data as plotted in article. BET surface area reports yielding results tabulated in the article.


Software / Usage instructions

text reader, TopSpin(Bruker) or other NMR program reading dx files, PDF viewer, Excel or other spreadsheet program, grd files can be opened as isosurfaces in the freeware VESTA crystal structure viewing program


XRD, X-ray diffraction, powder XRD, powder X-ray diffraction, Nb2O5, NbO2, NMR, solid-state NMR, 6Li, 7Li, BVS, bond valence sum, electrochemistry, echem, LIB, lithium-ion, lithium, lithium-ion batteries, batteries, TGA, thermogravimetric


Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/L019469/1)