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An Archaeological Evaluation at McCains Potato Store & Lagoon, Funtham's Lane, Whittlesey

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Patten, Ricky 


In March 2006 an archaeological investigation was undertaken at McCains Foods (GB Ltd), Funthams Lane, Whittlesey, within the area currently designated as a potato store and lagoon (TL 2325 9760). A total of five trenches and four test pits were excavated in conjunction with the exposure and cleaning of a series of sections along the edge of the lagoon. The site was located within a buried landscape at -0.5m OD, previously identified as a blank zone within the Flag Fen basin. As such, human activity was not evidenced, but the presence of a channel or small embayment was identified which appeared to correspond with a channel recorded to the south at Must Farm.



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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