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Save the Plastics! Identification and condition survey in Belgian museums


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Hendrickx, Hannah 
van der Velde, Eline 
Kockelkoren, Griet 


This paper discusses the workflow and results of an identification and condition survey carried out at the collections of S.M.A.K. (Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst) and the Design Museum Gent within the project Know, Name and Assess your Plastics (October 2018–June 2021). The plastic materials of over 2000 objects and artworks were identified with sensory and archival identification methods or by scientific analyses. A prioritisation and monitoring plan was designed, in which each object received a condition check, a frequency of monitoring and a conservation priority. This enabled the museums to take charge of the plastics in their collections in a structured manner.



Plastics in Peril, Object conservation

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Plastics in Peril: Focus on conservation of polymeric materials in cultural heritage

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