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Research data supporting “Towards Cellular Sieving: Exploring the Limits of Scaffold Accessibility for Cell Type Specific Invasion” (Version 2)

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Ashworth, Jennifer C 
Mehr, Marco 
Buxton, Paul G 
Best, Serena M 
Cameron, Ruth E 


Zip folder containing sample reconstructed Micro-CT scans (.tif files) from each scaffold condition. Image pixel size is 3.1 μm. Each image plane is perpendicular to the direction of cell invasion (i.e. parallel to the seeding plane). Two Microsoft Excel files, containing the raw measurements of pore size and of L and d (as defined in the manuscript) for calculation of percolation diameter. Units are in pixels unless specified. Zip folder containing raw images (.png files) of each scaffold section, in bright field and in the green fluorescence channel showing actin staining. NB: Individual images are labelled according to a lab-based numbering scheme and do not match the sample nomenclature used in the manuscript. Microsoft Excel files for each cell type and time point showing the calculations of median cell position obtained from the images supplied, following the procedure outlined in the manuscript. The values of median cell position shown in black typeface were averaged to give the mean of six measurements. For each condition, these six measurements were chosen from replicates containing consistency in collagen pore wall orientation, while ensuring it was kept above OI = 0.9 (indicating high collagen orientation in the direction of cell invasion). See the main manuscript for more details.


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Image and tabular data viewers; image processing software


invasion, cell-type, pore size, percolation diameter, Micro-CT, cellular sieving


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