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Research on Assessment Mechanism of Educational Achievements in Sino-Foreign Cooperative Running Schools in China



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ZHOU, Quan 


In the context of economic globalization and educational globalization, China is increasingly becoming the world's largest transnational higher education import Country. The Sino-foreign cooperative running school is the main embodiment of educational internationalization of Chinese higher education. In this paper, the joint programs with degrees awarding in higher education is the main discussing object. During the practice, the advantages and disadvantages of this cooperation have been emerged, and the corresponding remedies have been developed by administrative institutions at different levels. Yet, in the perspective of writer, there is still not enough assessment criteria and mechanism to measure the educational outcomes of these schools. Therefore, the writer advocated that efforts should be made in three levels to construct and improve the assessment criteria of educational achievements in Sino-foreign cooperative schools



Chinese Higher Education, ,Assessment Mechanism, Sino-Foreign Cooperative Running Schools

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Cambridge Journal of China Studies

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Cambridge Journal of China Studies

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