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Endemic species predation by the introduced smooth-billed ani in Galápagos

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Anchundia, D 
Caton, E 
Haskell, LE 
Jäger, H 


jats:titleAbstract</jats:title>jats:pThe introduced smooth-billed ani jats:italicCrotophaga ani</jats:italic> has become widespread across the Galápagos archipelago in the past half-century. It is known to predate upon a range of native and endemic species, and is a potential vector for the spread of invasive plants and parasites. Here we report previously undocumented examples of smooth-billed ani predation in Galápagos, including that of an endemic racer snake and a scorpion. We highlight the possibility of smooth-billed anis having a serious impact on the endemic Galápagos carpenter bee, a major pollinator, as well as native and endemic Lepidopterans and other invertebrates. In addition, we report smooth-billed ani predation of other introduced species and note the importance of further research on the wide-scale impacts of smooth-billed anis in Galápagos and their role within the archipelago’s ecological networks.</jats:p>



Invasive species, Alien bird species, Island invasions, Impacts of introduced species, Endemic species

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Biological Invasions

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