Sum Rate of MISO Neuro-Spike Communication Channel With Constant Spiking Threshold.

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Khan, Tooba 
Akan, Ozgur B 

Communication among neurons, known as neuro-spike communication, is the most promising technique for realization of a bio-inspired nanoscale communication paradigm to achieve biocompatible nanonetworks. In neuro-spike communication, the information, encoded into spike trains, is communicated to various brain regions through neuronal network. An output neuron needs to receive signal from multiple input neurons to generate a spike. Hence, in this paper, we aim to quantify the information transmitted through the multiple-input single-output (MISO) neuro-spike communication channel by considering models for axonal propagation, synaptic transmission, and spike generation. Moreover, the spike generation and propagation in each neuron requires opening and closing of numerous ionic channels on the cell membrane, which consumes considerable amount of ATP molecules called metabolic energy. Thus, we evaluate how applying a constraint on available metabolic energy affects the maximum achievable mutual information of this system. To this aim, we derive a closed form equation for the sum rate of the MISO neuro-spike communication channel and analyze it under the metabolic cost constraints. Finally, we discuss the impacts of changes in number of pre-synaptic neurons on the achievable rate and quantify the tradeoff between maximum achievable sum rate and the consumed metabolic energy.

Action Potentials, Animals, Communication, Computational Biology, Hippocampus, Models, Neurological, Nanotechnology, Nerve Net, Neural Networks, Computer
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IEEE Trans Nanobioscience
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
European Research Council (616922)
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