Research data supporting "Controlling Self-Assembly Kinetics of DNA-Functionalized Liposomes Using Toehold Exchange Mechanism"

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Parolini, Lucia 
Kotar, Jurij 
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Mognetti, Bortolo M. 

The dataset contains data on aggregation and melting experiments in samples of DNA-functionalised liposomes as described in the paper "Controlling Self-Assembly Kinetics of DNA-Functionalized Liposomes Using Toehold Exchange Mechanism.” (ACS Nano doi:10.1021/acsnano.5b07201). Each compressed folder labelled as "" contains raw data on aggregation experiments of samples with stoichiometric ratio R=yyy (yyy=0.00, 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 1.00) incubated at TQ=xx (xx=35, 30, 25, 20, 15) degrees Celsius. Please refer to the paper for details. The data are full resolution epifluorescence microscopy images in .tiff format. Individual images are labelled as "Black_N", "ImZ1_N", "ImZ2_N", and "ImZ3_N". The integer index N=1,...,NMax indicates time, with NMax being different from sample to sample. The physical time corresponding to each time-step is reported in the text file “time.dat" as a string of comma separated numbers. Each compressed “" folder contains the corresponding “time.dat" file. Images labelled as "Black_N" are captured with the fluorescence illumination disabled, ad used for subtracting background signal. Images labelled as "ImZ1_N", "ImZ2_N", and "ImZ3_N" contain snapshots of the samples taken at 3 different vertical positions spaced by 1.00 microns from each other. The data on the manuscript are obtained using the average between these three images diminished by the corresponding "Black_N”. Compressed folders labelled "" contain data on the melting experiments on the same samples of the corresponding aggregation experiments. Image files inside are named according to the same scheme, but here the index “N" corresponds different temperatures, increasing stepwise from TQ. The sample temperature measured for each "N" is reported in the corresponding text file “TemperatureRamp_TQxxC.dat" in comma-separated format. Note that the temperature files TemperatureRamp_TQxxC.dat are not included in the compressed folders “” and need to be downloaded separately. The data shown in Figure 2 of the paper are obtained by averaging over three similar datasets. Analysis methods are described in the Methods section of the paper.

This record is pending publication in ACS Nano ("Controlling Self-Assembly Kinetics of DNA-Functionalized Liposomes Using Toehold Exchange Mechanism. Experimental dataset."). This record is embargoed until publication and it will be updated.

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The image files are in .tiff format
DNA, kinetics, self-assembly, liposomes, toe-holding, aggregation
University of Cambridge
This work was supported by the EPSRC [grant number EP/J017566/1].