Anatoliy Safinov, Cattle Breeding

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Churyumova, Elvira 

In his childhood Anatoliy looked after sheep. He recalls how he as a boy suckled lambs and how older people sheared sheep’s wool and weaved socks. Later his weaving skills helped Anatoliy in Siberia where he made socks out of dog hair. In his childhood Anatoliy’s family lived in the kolkhoz of the 3rd Internatsional in Tsoros. The kolkhoz kept horses. When in 1943 the Germans occupied the kolkhoz, they left four limping horses with the villagers. Anatoliy and his friends looked after these horses. He also recalls how he loaded camels, horses and bulls with salt in order to exchange the salt for potatoes. When it started raining the camels could not go, as their flat legs slid in the mud. Anatoliy worked with four kinds of livestock, including sheep, camels, horses and cows.

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