[Valley near Santa Cruz River]

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A landscape a further inland up the inlet.


Drawing; similar to watercolour engraved by Landseer T as `Basalt glen -- River Santa Cruz' reproduced facing Narrative 2: 348. "Valley with a small stream running into Santa Cruz River, the hills crowned with Volcanic Rock, the most southern yet discovered." Narrative "P348. Vol 2" [top centre left] "RF" FitzRoy [top right corner]

High-rising square-shaped rocks at the left-hand and right-hand edges of the picture, in the near midground, frame a view of two principal flat-topped hills to the left and the centre right of the more distant midground, with vertical brows and gentler slopes falling away from them to almost meet in the centre of the picture. The right-hand hill appears to be the hill in the centre of MS.Add.7984: 3. The low saddle formed by the central near-meeting point allows a line of sight to a horizon of more distant but similar flat-topped hills with vertical brows running from the left centre to the right centre of the background. The gentler slopes below all these escarpments lead down to the winding river, which zigzags into visibility as it comes through the saddle point, eventually flowing rightwards towards the right foreground of the picture. The left to centre of the foreground is strewn with a jumble of flat-faced highly angular blocks of rock, with slight impressions of tufts of grass between them. There is little other indication of vegetation. Nor is there much shadow shown, and the sky is blank; small areas of shadow on the edges of the brows of the two principal hills as they turn away parallel to the line of sight, and similarly on the ridge-lines of the slopes descending from them, together with the absence of visible shadow cast by the rocks in the left foreground, suggest that the sun is shining from directly behind the viewer, and is high in the sky.

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