Electric Field Assisted Self-Healing of Open Circuits with Conductive Particle-Insulating Fluid Dispersions: Optimizing Dispersion Concentration

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Parab, Virendra 
Prasad, Oppili 
Pillai, Sreelal 
Sambandan, Sanjiv 

Abstract: Open circuit faults in electronic systems are a common failure mechanism, particularly in large area electronic systems such as display and image sensor arrays, flexible electronics and wearable electronics. To address this problem several methods to self heal open faults in real time have been investigated. One approach of interest to this work is the electric field assisted self-healing (eFASH) of open faults. eFASH uses a low concentration dispersion of conductive particles in an insulating fluid that is packaged over the interconnect. The electric field appearing in the open fault in a current carrying interconnect polarizes the conductive particles and chains them up to create a heal. This work studies the impact of dispersion concentration on the heal time, heal impedance and cross-talk when eFASH is used for self-healing. Theoretical predictions are supported by experimental evidence and an optimum dispersion concentration for effective self-healing is identified.

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Scientific Reports
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