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The surname of Fedorov is known among practically all Kalmyk clans, including the Torghut, the Buzava and the Derbet. The Fedorovs of the Derbet clan live in the villages of Troitskoe and Bol'shoi Tsaryn; those of the Buzava live in Elista, and those among the Torghut in Yashkul', Elista and Lagan'. In the 1840s lived a Kalmyk man called Erenzhen Dambinov whose children died one after another. When his fourth child died, Erenzhen Dambinov was advised to go and see a monk. After a ritual performed by that monk, Erenzhen's wife gave birth to a boy who was named after a Cossack man called Fedor who had many children. The Kalmyk boy, Fedor Rentsenov, grew up into a good Cossack too. He participated in the Russo-Ottoman war in 1877-1878 and in the Napoleonic war of 1812. He had two sons, Bembya and Ulyumzha, who both adopted the surname of Fedorov and lived in the Chonosovsky aimak.In the video Bembya shows the genealogical tree of his family. He also shows a picture of one of his ancestors, Ulan Aduchinov, who was the last abbot of the Chonosovsky temple and who was repressed in 1929.

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