Genizah MS T-S AS 146.7

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Legal documents. Recto: dated Monday 2nd Tammuz 1393 of the Seleucid Era (= 1082 CE), the orphan Sumr bat Ṣedaqa received a silver vessel held in trust by Abraham b. Ṭoviah. Names mentioned: Ṣedaqa b. Yefet (father of Sumr), Judah ha-Nagid b. Saʿadya and David b. Judah. Verso: dated Tuesday 3rd Tammuz 1393 Sel. (= 7th June 1082 CE); confirmation of the transaction by her future husband David b. Shemariah. With Hebrew alphabetical jottings. Signed by witnesses such as Ṣedaqa ha-Levi b. Moses. [...] b. Isaac, Elijah b. [...] and [...] b. Beraḵot.

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