Assessment for Learning in International Contexts (ALIC): understanding values and practices across diverse contexts

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Shaw, Stuart 
Johnson, Martin 
Warwick, Paul 

The Assessment for Learning in International Contexts (ALIC) project sought to extend knowledge around teachers' understandings of Assessment for Learning (AfL). Using a modified version of a survey devised by James and Pedder for use with teachers in England, evidence was gathered about the assessment practices that were highly valued by teachers across international contexts (Argentina, India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and Nigeria). The extent of congruence between these values and teachers' reported classroom practices was then explored. In very broad terms, the items most valued by the teachers in this study demonstrate the considerable value placed upon practices linked positively to formative assessment principles and strategies. Certainly it seems that teachers have a particular concern with learning more about student learning and with promoting the development of pupil agency in assessment and learning.

Evaluation of assessment
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Research Matters
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Research Division, Cambridge University Press & Assessment
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