Grigoriy Kukareka, A Legend About 7 Seagulls

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Gedeeva, Darina 
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In the past there was a nomadic camp on the shores of Manych Lake. One morning in the spring seven young girls from the camp went out to collect dung for fuel. With leather bags on their shoulders, the girls collected fuel along the shores of the lake and decided to have a rest in the shade. When they sat down, all of a sudden, mice and snakes appeared in great numbers out of nowhere. After a thud the earth trembled and the water splashed out of the lake. It was an earthquake in the Caucasus. The girls were buried alive under the mud which was sliding from the mountains. When people in the camp learned about what had happened, the elders decided not to touch the place and leave it as it was. This place is now called ‘the place of 7 girls’. Every summer 7 silver colored seagulls fly over this place and cry as if they are mourning the girls. At the end of the summer the birds disappear. Grigoriy heard this story from old men who live on the shores of the Chograisky water basin which is part of Manych Lake. This place is mysterious and people often get lost there.

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