The Former Burdetts Nursery, Eastrea Road, Whittlesey. Archaeological Evaluation, interim Statement

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Bourne, Tom 

This interim statement outlines the results of an archaeological evaluation, carried out by the Cambridge Archaeological Unit (CAU), between the 15th 19th June 2020, on behalf of Taylor Wimpey ahead of housing development. The site is located on the eastern edge of the town of Whittlesey (centred on TL2830 9690), c.1km from the town centre (Figure 1). The evaluation comprised five trial trenches, located in the southwest of the proposed development area (PDA), which uncovered several small channels and creeks of unknown date. Whilst this small evaluation only revealed relatively modern human activity, it did, however, provide important information on the wetland nature of this landscape. The palaeochannels themselves appear to be evidence for multiple short-lived creaks formed as water draining off the higher ground of Whilttlesey Island into the Fens to the south. Whilst no dating evidence was found in association with these creaks, the likelihood is that F.13 will be present in the forthcoming open area excavation, providing a better opportunity to place these features in their chronological setting, and understand their potential relationship with the known Late Iron Age and Roman activity within the PDA.

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