"I guess the trans identity goes with other minority identities": An intersectional exploration of the experiences of trans and non-binary parents living in the UK.

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Bower-Brown, Susie 
Zadeh, Sophie 

Background: Research on trans and non-binary parents has identified challenges in integrating parenting and gender identities, and in navigating stigmatizing environments. Studies have also highlighted the unique experience of transmasculine pregnancy and its violation of cisheteronormative ideals, yet little is known about either the experiences of trans and non-binary parents who have used diverse routes to parenthood or their experiences beyond the transition to parenthood. Research on the way in which gender intersects with other identity categories to shape the experiences of trans and non-binary parents is also lacking. Aims: This study aimed to explore the experiences of trans and non-binary parents in the UK within different parenting spaces both during and after the transition to parenthood, using an intersectional framework. Methods: Eleven semi-structured interviews were conducted with trans and non-binary parents and analyzed according to the principles of thematic analysis. Results: Three main themes were identified, reflecting participants' experiences within the "highly normative world" of parenting, and the strategies of "being a pragmatic parent" and "being a pioneering parent" used to navigate this. Discussion: The findings of this study highlight the usefulness of an intersectional approach for research on this topic. Findings also evidence a need for inclusive, and queer, parenting spaces for trans and non-binary parents, so that parents and children can enjoy the benefits of trans parenting.

Adoption, intersectional, non-binary, parenting, pregnancy, trans
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Int J Transgend Health
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