Interdenominational Cooperation in Religious New Media Projects: the Case of the Christian Media Center

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Abstract: In the last decade, macro religious institutions have undergone a process of digitalisation that enabled them to incorporate Internet Communication Technologies in their organisational infrastructure. Stemming from digital religion scholarship, the research presented in this paper relate to a study of the philosophy and functioning of an innovative Catholic media enterprise called Christian Media Center (CMC). Based in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, the CMC was established through the cooperation between the long-standing Franciscan Order and the technology-savvy Brazilian community of Canção Nova. Accordingly, this paper asks: which forms of interdenominational negotiation are involved in the functioning of the CMC? Drawing on interviews conducted during three years, this research will outline the process of internal negotiation required by the development of this Catholic new media project and propose possible directions for future research.

Article, Digital religion, Canção Nova, New media, Catholicism, Holy Land, Social networks
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