Research data supporting "Aqueous dissolution of Li-Na borosilicates: insights from machine learning and experiments"

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Farnan, Ian 

Research data supporting the article "Aqueous dissolution of Li-Na borosilicates: insights from machine learning and experiments". Raw datasets are given for the data presented in the main text: MW base glass compositions.xlsx: Excel workbook of the compiled EPMA and LA-ICP-MS datasets with associated calculations. MW base glass densities.xlsx: Archimedes' principle density measurement data and calculations. MW base glass ML fits.xlsx: Best ML algorithm (RF with full feature subset) predictions of the normalise elemental releases. MW base glass particle sizes.xlsx: Particle size distributions (frequency tables) with associated statistics. MW EPMA.xls: EPMA dataset. MW ICP-OES.xlsx: CPS measured for ICP-OES for the 40 and 90 °C runs. MW LA-ICP-MS.xlsx: LA-ICP-MS dataset. MW leaching experiment data.xlsx: Vessel, sample and leachant masses, mass losses, S/V ratios, Vf/Vi ratios, leachant and leachate pH. MW NMR - 6Li-1H CP.xlsx: 6Li-H cross-polarisation static NMR dataset. MW NMR - 11B MAS.xlsx: 11B MAS-NMR dataset. MW NMR - 23Na MAS.xlsx: 23Na MAS-NMR dataset. MW Raman.xlsx: Individual Raman point analyses with optical microscopy images. MW XRD.xlsx: All complete XRD diffractograms.

Software / Usage instructions
All datasets use Microsoft Excel.
Borosilicate glass, Dissolution, Machine learning, NMR
EPSRC (1733710)
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/M507350/1)