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Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy (HDP) and the Risk of Common Cancers in Women: Evidence from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer (EPIC)-Norfolk Prospective Population-Based Study.

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Pasdar, Zahra 
Gamble, David T 
Wareham, Nicholas J 


PURPOSE: The purpose was to determine the association between HDP and cancer in a UK cohort. METHODS: Between 1993 and 1997, participants from the EPIC-Norfolk cohort attended baseline health-checks and completed questionnaires, where a history of HDP was collected. Incident cancer cases were identified through NHS record linkage until March 2016. Univariable and multivariable logistic regression analyses were employed to determine the association between HDP and odds of cancer, with adjustment for potential confounders including co-morbidities, sociodemographic, lifestyle and reproductive factors. RESULTS: 13,562 women were included after excluding prevalent cancer cases and women with no pregnancies. 2919 (21.5%) reported HDP and 2615 incident cancers occurred during mean follow up of 19 years. Median age (IQR) at baseline for incident cancer was 60.8 (±14.8) years. Among incident cancer cases, 578 (22.1%) had HDP. In multivariable analyses, HDP had odds ratio (OR) 1.06; 95% CI 0.95-1.18 for incident cancer. The ORs (95% CIs) for common site-specific cancers including breast, colorectal, lung, ovarian and endometrial cancers were 1.06 (0.88-1.28), 1.15 (0.92-1.45), 0.96 (0.68-1.35), 1.30 (0.93-1.83) and 1.16 (0.80-1.67). CONCLUSION: We found no association between HDP and cancer risk. Further studies are required to confirm and account for any underlying genetic factors involved in pregnancy-related exposures and cancer risk.



cancer, hypertension during pregnancy, pregnancy complications

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Cancers (Basel)

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