The role of moral neutralization of aggression and justification of violence against women in predicting physical teen dating violence perpetration and monitoring among adolescents in Switzerland.

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Tomaszewska, Paulina  ORCID logo
Gul, Pelin 
Ribeaud, Denis 

Although dating violence poses a serious threat to adolescents' health and well-being around the globe, little evidence is available for Europe in general and Switzerland in particular. Also, evidence on the role of cognitive predictors related to a more general justification of aggressive behavior and gender-based violence is lacking. Therefore, this two-wave longitudinal study conducted with Swiss adolescents (N = 646) examined moral neutralization of aggression and justification of violence against women as predictors of physical dating violence perpetration and monitoring. As expected, higher moral neutralization of aggression predicted a higher likelihood of perpetrating physical dating violence and monitoring among both female and male adolescents. Justification of violence against women was positively associated with physical dating violence perpetration among males, but negatively among females. Also, a negative relationship was found with monitoring among females. The role of gender and implications of these findings for research, practice, and policy are discussed.


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Switzerland, adolescents, justification of violence against women, monitoring, moral neutralization of aggression, physical teen dating violence, Adolescent, Adolescent Behavior, Aggression, Crime Victims, Female, Humans, Interpersonal Relations, Intimate Partner Violence, Longitudinal Studies, Male, Morals, Switzerland, Violence
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New Dir Child Adolesc Dev
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