AC Loss in High-Temperature Superconducting Bulks Subjected to Alternating and Rotating Magnetic Fields.

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Soomro, Wafa Ali 
Lu, Haiyan 
Jin, Jianxun 

High-temperature superconductor (HTS) bulks have demonstrated extremely intriguing potential for industrial and commercial applications due to their capability to trap significantly larger magnetic fields than conventional permanent magnets. The magnetic field in electrical rotating machines is a combination of alternating and rotational fields. In contrast, all previous research on the characterization of electromagnetic properties of HTS have solely engrossed on the alternating AC magnetic fields and the associated AC loss. This research paper gives a thorough examination of the AC loss measurement under various conditions. The obtained results are compared to the finite element-based H-formulation. The AC loss is measured at various amplitudes of circular flux density patterns and compared with the AC loss under one-dimensional alternating flux density. The loss variation has also been studied at other frequencies. The findings in this research paper provide more insights into material characterization, which will be useful in the design of future large-scale HTS applications.


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Article, high-temperature superconductors, HTS bulks, rotating magnetic fields, AC loss
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Materials (Basel)
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Australian Research Council Discovery Project (DP180100470)