Rehearsing for the Chagaan Sar New Year Festival

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Bulag, Uradyn E. 

The video shows Torghuts in the Ejine banner centre doing a series of rehearsals for the celebration of the Chagaan Sar – the lunar new year. Most of them are recent migrants and their most important pastime nowadays is practising traditional cultural heritage. Dawa established the Topshur Association in 2009 with nine members in their 30s and 40s. He says topshur tradition had disappeared among the Ejine Torghuts by then, so they invited teachers from Bayangol of Xinjiang every year at the beginning. The association now has a membership of 400 people and they regularly organise competition with the Alasha League College of Arts. In the future, they plan to broaden the association membership throughout Inner Mongolia and beyond. For this purpose, he has already contacted Jangar Epic teachers in Xinjiang.

Ejine Torghuts, new year celebration, Jangar epic, topshur, Xinjiang, traditional cultural heritage
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