Offering Songs, Festive Songs, Processional Songs mGar-gLu, Khro-Glu, Phebsnga: Tashi Tsering's Music: Chang Glu, 'Beer Song'

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The farmer prepares chang (beer) before working and when preparing offerings for the gods. The song is mostly sung during parties and weddings, to select women to prepare the chang. Primarily a collection of folk and religious offering songs sung by a specialised class of folk singers (Emeda) in Lo. Most of these songs are sung by Tashi Tsering, the last remaining Emeda singer in Lo. In many of these songs, he accompanies himself with the nha, a pair of large kettledrums played with wooden mallets. Other 'khro glu are sung by women in Lo Monthang, Yandol, Pema Dolkar, and Khang Lhamo.


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