Prevalence and clinical correlations of olfactory recess dilatation in MRI studies of the feline brain.

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Williams, Timothy Lee 
Alves, Lisa 

The ability to differentiate clinical ventriculomegaly from incidental ventricular enlargement remains a challenge in veterinary radiology. Dilatation of one or both olfactory lobe recesses is occasionally seen on MRI of the brain in otherwise normal cats. The purpose of this study was therefore to determine the prevalence of this finding within a population of neurologically normal and neurologically abnormal cats, and to investigate associations with signalment, clinical and neurological examination findings, and MRI features. An observational retrospective cohort study was performed, and archived records were searched for cats that had undergone MRI of the head, including the olfactory lobes. Medical data and MRI parameters were recorded. One hundred fifty-one cats were included, with olfactory recess dilatation present in 56 cats. In 16 neurologically normal cats, olfactory recess dilatation was the only MRI finding. Olfactory recess dilatation was not associated with age, sex, breed, or with the presence of nasal disease. A significant association was found between generalized ventriculomegaly (P = 0.001) and the presence of CSF abnormalities (P = 0.036). Eleven percent of our cohort (16/151) demonstrated olfactory recess dilatation in the absence of other neurological or structural intracranial disease, suggesting that this may be seen as a normal variation in some cats.

cat, olfactory bulb cavity, olfactory lobe, olfactory ventricle, ventriculomegaly, Animals, Cats, Brain, Cat Diseases, Hydrocephalus, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Prevalence, Retrospective Studies
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Vet Radiol Ultrasound
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