The connection of the stakeholder cooperation intensity and team agility in software development

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Juhola, T 
Yip, MH 
Hyrynsalmi, S 
Makila, T 
Leppanen, V 

Today, new software development meth-ods and technologies are being used to create new sys-tems, applications and services in a wide range of in-dustries. Especially agile software development has been gaining ground among the software development professionals. This paper analyses the differences in stakeholder cooperation intensity for different levels of agile development in the teams. Two teams use a stakeholder identification framework to identify stakeholders for the new software systems. The teams are also measured with two agile measurement tests used in the industry.


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Agile Software Development, stakeholder, measuring agility, agile assessment, stakeholder identification
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2014 IEEE International Conference on Management of Innovation and Technology
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Tomi Juhola's PhD research is funded by Jenny & Antti Wihuri foundation and Nokia Foundation. Man Hang Yip's PhD research was partially funded by GE Healthcare