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Coates Road, Eastrea, Whittlesey. An Archaeological Evaluation.

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Timberlake, Simon 


Between 11th-18th June 2014 the Cambridge Archaeological Unit (CAU) undertook an archaeological evaluation of land proposed for development at nos. 49 and 51 Coates Road, Eastrea nr. Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire. Twelve archaeological evaluation trenches totalling some 116m were dug across an area of about 0.4 hectares. Some 13 archaeological features (mostly pits) were found, at least five of these producing prehistoric pottery dating to the Late Bronze Age - Middle Iron Age. These included the poorly preserved remains of two ovens or pottery kilns, a couple of intercutting rubbish pits, a field ditch, and the possible base of a sub-rectangular SFB, the latter devoid of finds apart from a few sherds of prehistoric pottery. Amongst the most notable finds were sherds from an almost complete large bucket-shaped jar together with a triangular loomweight fragment from one of the ovens or kilns alongside a large part of ths broken clay lining. The current archaeological investigation indicates the probable northerly and westerly continuation of a major Late Bronze Age - Iron Age field system and area of low density settlement area previously encountered on the south side of Coates Road. However, the survival of archaeology in this area would appear to be quite variable, with some of this occurring at quite shallow depths.



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