Implementation of Reversing Control on a Doubly Articulated Vehicle

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Rimmer, AJ 

The problem of reversing vehicles with two trailers could be solved with a semi-autonomous assistance system for automatically steering the vehicle. In the literature found, no controllers have been implemented on a full-size vehicle with two trailers. In this paper, two simple path-tracking controllers are presented for automating the reversing of a “B-double” vehicle, consisting of a tractor and two trailers. One of the controllers is a heuristic “preview point” controller; the other uses a state feedback approach. The controllers steer the wheels on the front axle so as to stabilize the vehicle in reverse and control the path of the rearmost axle to follow a prescribed path. A tuning strategy is outlined where both controllers are tuned using the linear quadratic regulator and have the same closed-loop poles. The two controllers are implemented on a full-size B-double test vehicle. Experimental results are discussed, and the controller performances are evaluated against criteria. With the state feedback controller, the test vehicle was able to track target paths, consisting of a roundabout and a lane change, to within 50 mm.

reversing, articulated vehicle, path-tracking, control, B-double, trailer
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Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control
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American Society of Mechanical Engineers
This research was funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and Volvo Trucks through an Industrial CASE award. The authors would like to acknowledge Leo Laine and Carl-Johan Hoel from Volvo Trucks for their collaboration and contributions to the research. The authors would like to acknowledge Denby Transport for their loan of the ‘Extra’ Eco-Link B-trailer for use in vehicle testing. The authors would like to acknowledge the members of the CVDC who supported the work in this paper. At the time of writing, the Consortium consisted of the University of Cambridge with the following partners from the heavy vehicle industry: Anthony Best Dynamics, Camcon, Denby Transport, Firestone Air Springs, GOODYEAR DUNLOP, Haldex, Motor Industry Implementation of Reversing Control on a Doubly-Articulated Vehicle 15 Research Association, SDC Trailers, SIMPACK, Tinsley Bridge, Tridec, Volvo Trucks, and Wincanton.