A Long-Term Revolution——Exploring Chinese History Between 1850 and 1949

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VERLY, Federico 

The period between 1839-1949 represents a crucial moment in Chinese history. This paper presents an alternative understanding of this period. Following a close view of the uprisings and revolts between those years what stands clearly is the common understanding of a nation that is at risk of disappearance and needs to be saved. Divergences regarding the causes of the collapse of it provided different solutions that encouraged the revolutions, concluding in the idea of a complete change of system with the victory of the Communist Revolution. Rather than visualising this epoch as “100 years of national humiliation” this article sustains it can be supplemented by considering it as “100 years of national revolution”, providing new insights for the understanding of Chinese history...

Chinese Modern History, China's National Humiliation, Chinese Revolution, Chinese Modernity, Chinese Nation
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Cambridge Journal of China Studies
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Cambridge Journal of China Studies
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