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Galina Samtonova, Klavdia Manunova, About Traditional Healing

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Churyumova, Elvira 


Klavdia cures sick children, fixes dislocations and treats head traumas. With the help of bio-energy emanating from her hands she determines the position of dislocations in the body. She says people of all nationalities come to see her. She contends that her healing ability has not been inherited but is a gift from god. She first understood that she would practice traditional healing in 1962 when her son, who was a year and half old, died. After her retirement, in 1999 Klavdia started to cure sick people. She cures the so-called ‘children’s illnesses’ when children or toddlers constantly cry, are anxious or have their limbs stretched during birth. Galina’s healing technique consists of reading prayers, using consecrated water and hand massage. Galina used to cure people with bio-energy as well. But she stopped when she herself became ill. Today Galina tries to help sick people by giving advice.



traditional medicine, healing, children, energy

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