Nikolai Ubushaev, A Legend About the Shikryakhn Clan

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Nikolai tells a story. Once upon a time there was a man who had five sons, for each of whom he had prepared a barrel of gold. The sons were supposed to receive a barrel each when they grew up. Despite getting married and starting his own family, one of the sons, Khazg Manzh, did not receive his share and decided to migrate to the Volga river. His brothers divided Khazg Manzh’s gold among themselves. As time passed by, misfortunes befell the four brothers who had unlawfully taken Khazg Manzh’s inheritance. Their children died one after another. Knowledgeable people (nomtnr) said to the brothers that they had taken what did not belong to them. Despite the winter cold, one of the brothers prepared his horse and set off in search of Khazg Manzh. On his way his horse died, but the rider continued his journey on foot. When he reached the Volga river, the fishermen who were fishing on the frozen river (and who happened to be subjects of Khazg Manzh) did not allow the brother to cross the river. On his third attempt, the brother finally managed to reach the other side of the river only to see three horsemen galloping towards him. In fear, the brother read prayers. When the horsemen approached, one of them was Khazg Manzh. The brother told Khazg Manzh about what had happened to their families and asked for forgiveness. Khazg Manzh replied that he forgave them all and wished them well. Nikolai says that he does not know whether the four brothers later had children or not. Also, in those days, that is in the early 18th century, Kazakhs often raided their neighbors. One day, they took Khazg Manzh’s mother hostage, prompting her son to raid Kazakh settlements in revenge. Tired of Khazg Manzh’s raids, the captors decided to release his mother. After that, Khazg Manzh took his family to the other side of Volga.

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