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A river-valley landscape, in a similar location to 4v--5r, but closer to the riverside.


"RF" FitzRoy [top right corner]

Drawing, double page panorama. The water of the river fills the foreground--midground; occasional small rounded rocks project through the surface. The main feature of 5v is rocky ground rising from water's edge to the left-hand edge of the picture, which terminates in the centre left of the folio, with some indication of bushes scattered on the surface, and annotated: "rocks, dark grey highest bright & yellowish brown with bushes of a dull green". In the background from the right-hand edge, a horizon of low hills annotated: "purplish", leads into folio 6r, and to the main feature in its centre background, which is a long flat-topped hill stretching to the right-hand edge of the picture, with a vertical brow above more gently sloping ground which leads down to the riverside. There is an indication of scanty vegetation on the far bank, annotated: "very[?] bright yellow dotted with dark bushes"; above this, the slope itself is annotated: "reaching[?] into purples", and to the right of this below the brow: "occasional spaches of bright yellow on the top of the flat"; the brow itself is annotated: "dark yellowish grey", while the annotation above the flat top to the right, the annotation reads: "more bright yellow".


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