Spontaneous remission of idiopathic minimal change disease in a cat

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Broadbridge, Catherine  ORCID logo  https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2089-9215
Hall, Harriet 
McCallum, Katie E 

Case summary: A 5-year-old female neutered domestic mediumhair cat presented with acute onset hyporexia, lethargy, ascites, hypoalbuminaemia and ventral subcutaneous oedema. Further investigations revealed a bicavitary effusion, myocardial injury, hypercholesterolaemia and concurrent marked proteinuria. A panel of infectious disease tests yielded negative results. Nephrotic syndrome was suspected and renal biopsies were performed. Histopathology and electron microscopy confirmed a diagnosis of minimal change disease (MCD). The patient was successfully managed with benazepril, clopidogrel and a veterinary prescription renal diet. Follow-up two weeks later documented almost complete resolution of the cardiac abnormalities, absence of clinical signs and marked improvement in clinicopathological findings. The hypoalbuminaemia and proteinuria had resolved two months after presentation. At the time of writing, 13 months post-admission, the cat remained asymptomatic with no evidence of disease relapse. Relevance and novel information: MCD is rarely described in the veterinary literature, with only four cases reported to date. To our knowledge, this report describes the first case of successfully treated MCD-associated nephrotic syndrome in a cat without the use of glucocorticoid treatment.


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Case Report, Nephrotic syndrome, proteinuria, minimal change disease, effusion, hypoalbuminaemia
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