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Characterisation of the R2R3 Myb subgroup 9 family of transcription factors in tomato

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Glover, Beverley J 


jats:pTomato (jats:italicSolanum lycopersicum)</jats:italic> has many epidermal cell outgrowths including conical petal cells and multiple types of trichomes. These include the anther-specific trichome mesh which holds the anthers connate. The R2R3 Myb Subgroup 9 family of transcription factors is involved in development of epidermal cell outgrowths throughout the angiosperms. No previous study has examined all members of this transcription factor family in a single species. All 7 jats:italicR2R3 Myb Subgroup 9</jats:italic> genes were isolated from tomato. They were ectopically expressed in tobacco to assess their ability to induce epidermal cell outgrowth. Endogenous expression patterns were examined by semi-quantitative RT-PCR at different stages of floral development relative to the development of anther trichomes. We report variation in the degree of epidermal cell outgrowth produced in transgenic tobacco by each ectopically expressed gene. Based on expression profile and ectopic activity, jats:italicSlMIXTA-2</jats:italic> is likely involved in the production of leaf trichomes. jats:italicSlMIXTA-2</jats:italic> is expressed most strongly in the leaves, and not expressed in the floral tissue. jats:italicSlMYB17-2</jats:italic> is the best candidate for the regulation of the anther trichome mesh. jats:italicSlMYB17-2</jats:italic> is expressed strongly in the floral tissue and produces a clear phenotype of epidermal cell outgrowths when ectopically expressed in tobacco. Analysis of the phenotypes of transgenic plants ectopically expressing all 7 genes has revealed the different extent to which members of the same transcription factor subfamily can induce cellular outgrowth.</jats:p>


Acknowledgements: We thank Matthew Dorling for excellent care of plants, Sam Brockington for help with phylogenetic analysis, and members of the Glover lab for helpful discussions.


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Public Library of Science (PLoS)
Natural Environment Research Council (1500924)