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CB1 Redevelopment A1, A2, Demeter House: Archaeology Assessment.

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Dickens, Alison 
Evans, Christopher 


Prior to the commencement of work in the CB1 area no certain evidence of prehistoric activity was known within the study area. The site lies in the broader hinterland area of the Roman town of Cambridge, a zone from which direct evidence of activity from this period remains scarce despite several recent investigations. Some of the gravel extraction activity found at Site I was dated to the medieval period. Small amounts of medieval (14th century and later) pottery were recovered in the Cattle Market evaluation, probably indicating nothing more than general agricultural activity. Otherwise, the only archaeological finds dating from this period lie at some distance from the development site. The map sequence between 1807 and the present day shows the development of the area in which the site lies as the City of Cambridge gradually expanded beyond its medieval boundaries in the later nineteenth century.



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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