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Research data supporting "Large-Scale Multifidelity, Multiphysics, Hybrid Reynolds-Averaged Navier–Stokes/Large-Eddy Simulation of an Installed Aeroengine"

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Tyacke, James C. 
Mahak, Mahak 
Tucker, Paul G. 


Each file is named after the figure in the paper "Large scale, multi-fidelity, multi-physics, hybrid RANS-LES of an installed aeroengine". To identify data profiles, naming is consistent with the legends in the paper. "ww", "nw" represent with-wakes and no-wakes respectively. "07m","20m" and "50m" represent the mesh size, where m=million. "discavg", "farfavg", "disc1", "disc6", "opensurf" indicate the surface closure method as in the paper. "030deg" and "120deg" indicate the spectra taken at different arc angles. Data has been generated in 2014-2015 by extracting profiles from time averaged flow fields and the axes scaled, as indicated in the paper.


Software / Usage instructions

Data files are stored as ASCII files, written by Tecplot and can be accessed directly with Tecplot or the raw data plotted using another package.



University of Cambridge
This work was supported by the EPSRC [grant numberEP/I010440/1]