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Light quark Yukawas in triboson final states

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Falkowski, Adam 
Ganguly, Sanmay 
Gras, Phillippe 
No, Jose Miguel 
Tobioka, Kohsaku 


Abstract: Triple heavy vector boson production, pp → VVV (V = W, Z), has recently been observed for the first time. We propose that precision measurements of this process provide an excellent probe of the first generation light quark Yukawa couplings. Modified quark interactions with the off-shell Higgs in this process lead to a rapid growth of the partonic cross sections with energy, which manifests in an enhanced pT distribution of the final state leptons and quarks. We quantify this effect and estimate the present and future 2σ sensitivity to the up, down, and strange Yukawas. In particular, we find that HL-LHC can reach O400 sensitivity to the down Yukawa relative to the Standard Model value, improving the current sensitivity in this process by a factor of 10, and which can be further improved to O30 at FCC-hh. This is competitive with and complementary to constraints from global fits and other on-shell probes of the first generation Yukawas. The triboson sensitivity at HL-LHC corresponds to probing dimension-6 SMEFT operators suppressed by an O1 TeV scale, similarly to other LHC Higgs probes.



Regular Article - Theoretical Physics, Higgs Physics, Quark Masses and SM Parameters

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Journal of High Energy Physics

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Springer Berlin Heidelberg